Wednesday, April 23, 2003

No Destination

I know, you is a song
But no its just the feelings,
That flow across the road... across the seas,
That hit you every time you feel the breeze,
But it hits me no more, i feel there is no wall,
When i see the sky, i see nothing at all,

I know it feels like a silly aspiration
But i feel that now i have no destination...

Like the ferry boats in the waters,
Like the little kids in the park,
Like the smoke rising up the distant sky,
Like the road that's seen through the dark,
Yes it was indeed my only celebration,
And now i feel that i have no destination,

So i move across the road to the other way,
And i see people who are just going away,

Like shadows that pass the silent night,
Like broken glass shattered on the floor,
Like the flower you threw up on my face,
Like the feeling behind a locked up door,
Yes it seems all about tears and perspiration,
But all that's left for me is no destination,

I know it feels like a sad story retold
Like a window pane to the song so old,
Like the road that was not to be taken,
Like the house i liked but knew was sold,
And all i have now is a silly aspiration,
Of leading this life all along with no destination...

-Anubhav ...

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  1. This one is really beautiful...I loved it :)