Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Angel

Silent nights, silent times; sound sleep in my arms,
Words unsaid, dreams in red, and daisies in the farms,
Little angel, your eyes look at me from the dreams,
In the dark, its so quiet and I hear your happy screams...

And I know I have to walk on, holding on to your hands,
Be with you till the end, time is passing with the sands,
Little angel, your words are calling me in the silence,
Lets go to some place with peace, away from this violence,

Just keep your arms on mine, wait for the dawn sun shine,
Sleep in my lap, silent as a baby, it shall all be fine,
Little angel, holding on to me in her sleepy dreams again,
We shall walk out in the sun and we shall dance in the rain....

- Anubhav

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