Thursday, November 3, 2005

Alive for just a night

You say "final words" at dawn,
And you met me just last night,
Would you leave me now and be gone,
It was a temporary delight!!

Was there nothing said at all,
Or did a lifetime just pass by,
Was it just a wishful dream,
Or is everything else a lie...

I could hear footsteps when I slept,
Your thoughts hitting in my head,
Born for so long; Alive for just a night,
Lived all these days again to be dead.

Like a whisper; said; not heard,
Like a crisp whiff of air,
A night, full of lights,
Then dark days; Life's unfair.

Would you smile once, before you go,
Just a last glimpse of light,
And then we part, you leave me,
In a dark endless night...


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