Thursday, January 26, 2006

Expectations - Excerpt from my novella

Ever since he knew it, from childhood through his teens and even as a man of 25 he never could meet the expectations of father. He would be the best in his class but it was never good enough. He would do excellent at work but it was never good enough!! What John later realized, and what he wrote down in his dairy, both amazed and made sense to me -

"When I walked, I was supposed to run,
When I ran, I was supposed to fly...
Every want was a surprise; A shock,
Every want an impossible lie...

I fell, stood up; Fell again and rose...
Never let a faltering step too close,
I did; overdid; I succeeded as well,
Still had no clue what want he shows...

I would have prospered but I failed,
I could have run but I stumbled...
Expected to do more than expected,
At every next syllable I fumbled..."


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