Friday, January 20, 2006

Like it is meant to be

This is an old one ... found it in my old collection... Thought I would share it...

Somethings are just meant to be that way
Like missing pieces of broken glass
Like shadows beneath the glow of lights
Like hard rock with the extra bass...

We don't explain why the sun has to shine
Confessions can always end up in a line
Love needs no gold to say its there
For when it is love its always fair...

We don't have to call out their names
To make them turn and smile again
I don't have to turn around to see
If she knows already its no one but me

It is just the way it has always been
These things remain, unread, unseen
The way they are - they always be
It was that once it happened to me...

And i felt over things that be in our lives
Like tables, chairs and cooking knives
Like love for those where love we have
And love again for those we don't...
The things that are meant to be that way
Like clockwork, each moment, every day

- Anubhav

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