Friday, January 20, 2006

Making a wall

Another very old one... wrote it a couple of years ago

Have been thinking so long of building a wall
Been getting the bricks when hanging the call
And with no one to love i'll move in alone
With gardens of rocks and feelings of stone

And be alone, for thats how it is meant to be
Cuz whenever i love, there is nothing i see
I dont how, i dont why, it has to be, i have to cry
And be alone and wait, till its time to say good bye
I just have no reason to live out and stay,
For its been all so long to cry all the way,

So am moving within my own wall to sing,
The old rhyme about the little gold ring,
To forget the tears that made me to fall
Am building a hope, am making the wall,
The wall is a lie, to make me believe,
That love is around, beyond i perceive...

But life is a lie or it would not be
The story it is, of no love and me
And making the wall would end up as wrong
And there would be no tears to end up this song...


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