Friday, January 20, 2006

Old Times Are Gone

Another one from 2003...

One day I looked back at what I had held on to,
Those days we spent, and the walks along the road,
And saw that it was all sand flowing away with time,
And I saw that life isn't like the old kid's rhyme,

And good things don't stay on forever,
That bad times do last for long,
Those days at college had to go,
And every next thing we do, goes wrong,

The spirit never dies but people do,
Those high fives and hugs and you,
Become parts of our albums and tv shows,
And she becomes a shadow of the rose,

Freak zones and rock music in the corridor,
And falling and rising up on the floor,
Like emotions we stuck together there,
Now we hardly have any thing to share,

You don't talk much to me... life sped,
Those days of stupid jokes are long dead,
I remember you kicking me with shoes,
When I told you were a used up fuse,

And now when I can talk for hours,
About russian ships and little flowers,
We don't have time to say hello,
We don't have places no more to go,

We'll walk on with life and forget our days,
The people we were, our love and ways,
But one day, I know I'll miss being in that rough weather,
And regret that we didn't spend our lives together...


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