Thursday, January 19, 2006

A wall to a wall

When a wall has to hear, what a wall has to say
When the heart needs a soul, to keep the dusk at bay
And you know that for once, you will end up alone
And the days would just go, like a show that was shown
You will smile at the stars, when you look up at the sky
And you'll wait for the sun, till the day that you'll die

And you go and you laugh and you cry with the wall
And you smile all across when your heart begins to fall
And it stops once for you, like the madness on the way
And a wall comes up to hear what a wall has to say...

But a soul never comes for the heart, it stays alone
Counting on the days for the show that was once shown
And you know what it is, since the day that you were born
That the days of the sun and the rainbows are all gone
And the clouds look at you like a lonely wall to wall
And you cry once at last, when your heart has had the fall

And the birds and clouds, keep hanging all the day
And keep listening like a wall, what a wall has to say...
For the day has to go and the feelings say good bye...
So don't laugh and don't smile, there is no need to cry...


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