Friday, February 17, 2006

The shoe and the tin can

The little kid holding her hand, walking alongside,
His two little steps matching her single leaps,
The smile playing on his lips, the sparkle of his eyes,
Reflecting the safe peace of his mind, with his mother,
Running around her in circles and then catching up,
She looking at him - smiling, he looking back with a giggle...

After a while, the tired little legs need help,
And she lifts him in her arms, safe arms of the mother...
He snuggles up and falls asleep, calm, at peace,
The world is hidden from him, he just feels the breeze -
- Caressing his hair while he is in his safe haven,
Being loved, loving, living the sunrise of his life...

His eyes closed with dreams passing him by,
Like the streets of the city, criss-crossed by traffic!
Dreams of the playground, dreams of the garden,
Dreams of the flowers and the butterflies and the toys!!
Sound sleep, the ocean of the world sweeping all over...
Glow worms shining and stars twinkling at him.

Then... he woke up in shock... scared... alone,
On his bed, no arms holding him, no safe peace!!
No breeze in his air, his eyes fixated to the corner...
Looking at his shoe from his childhood, one of the pair,
And the beer can from last night; Living in retrospect...


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