Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jeet tera hai ilaaz - Victory is your cure

This one is in Hindi. Will try to post a translation as well soon in case anyone wants that.

Reh gaya ho gar koi muddato mei bhool kar,
Ya tere dil ki awaaz ab kabhi aati nahi,
So raha hai gar tera har khyaal-e-aarzu,
Aur tere paiyro mei chalne ki dhadhak aati nahi,

Toh bataana dil ko ye ki haar hai bas haar mei,
Tu nahi chalta toh manzil bhi idhar aati nahi,
Aur jagaana har kadam mei jeet ke us ehsaas ko,
Jis mei thaknei aur shikan ki boo kabhi aati nahi,

Kya wo keemat khoon ki, himmat-e-marzi mei hai,
Gar nahi toh laut jaa, ab dar idhar baaki nahi,
Haar toh ek marz hai aur jeet tera hai ilaaz,
Par wo zinda-dil ki jeetein muft mei aati nahi.


English Translation
If you've been forgotten for a long time,
Or if the voices of your heart are no more heard,
If your desires and dreams are asleep,
And your feet don't have the fire to move on...

Let it be known that the only defeat is in defeat (itself),
If you do not move, your destinations won't (come to you),
And let the feeling of victory rise in your steps,
Wherein there are no frowns or exhaustion...

Is the will of your desires up to pay the price?
If not, turn around! For there's no space for fear ahead,
Defeat is a mere disease, and victory is your cure,
But the life of freedom has a price to pay...