Thursday, March 23, 2006

Life - An abysm

I closed my eyes around a dream once,
Held it close to my heart, embraced it as my own,
And wherever I went, the dream was with me,
Like the only truth, the only reason that I could see.
I held its arms and walked it around my life,
As if by chance, I felt, I had struck luck,
Life as I see now, had it all coming.

Planned from the scratch without an element of chance,
The subtle movements - parts of a fatal cosmic dance,
Pin pointed at a man in a fair game of destiny,
Where nothing was ever fair and was never meant to be,
Unending narrow curved roads, disorienting the man,
Leading him to an end that he never began for.

Life is an abysm, an aberration from the truth -
That should have been and has vanished within -
The unknown depths of mystery that life is.
Sometimes mutating into an attraction,
Calling me close in its arms, caressing my lips,
And then as if it were a plan, a conspiracy of sorts,
It grabs me by my collar and discloses itself,
In a raw gross reality, pushing me into the darkness.


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