Friday, March 17, 2006

The war with my reflection

A looking glass; A mirror on the wall; My reflections;
Scars on my face; A memory of yesterday remains -
- With me, when I walk down the lanes in my mind...
Curtained thoughts; Curtailed; Tip-toe from behind,
I brush my hair; More hand than comb; Ruffled hair,
Water dripping down the faucet; Trickling despair..
Fundamentals; Principles; Ethics; Morals shaken up,
Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow; Time blends into me...
And I into time; ticking every minute; Walking to you -
- Is it you that I am walking to? Am I walking yet?
Am I running away? From you? For you? I forget -
- The reasons why I run? The reasons why I stop?
The water trickles on with your reflection in every drop,
My eyes fidgeting with my mind; The mirror; The scars...
I turn around and look back over my shoulders,
Stealing glimpses at my own reflection; It talks to me -
- Sometimes it does; In whispers most of the time,
Hushed tones; Loud silence; Angry; Serene; Sublime!
Metaphors and their affiliations floating through -
- The mirror; Attaching to me, and to my image...
I try to scratch the mirror to remove the scar...
Futile attempts; Unknown trysts; A lasting war...
I clench my fists; I want to have no past; Just today -
- That's all I want for me; I stare at the mirror -
I stare back at myself; Pleading guilty one more time.
Kneeling down in my thoughts, I ask for forgiveness,
I ask for more; And more; And more; Nothing less;
I stand on the floor; Wrestling with my yesterday,
I hit as hard as I can - Smashing the glass to pieces...


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