Monday, April 10, 2006

Finding that thought...

So deep in my heart that I lose it once more
There is a feeling hiding its subtle notes.
Wresting with the want to know the unknown
It sinks beyond the reach of my small hands.

I remember I once found a feeling that I lost
In such a way. It was sitting alone in a corner
Of my heart. Hiding its frail face with a veil
Of obscurity and the fear to be discovered.

A little nudge would push it deeper
Into the caverns of the dark alleys of my mind.
A little force would make it vanish
Into thin air, like it never really existed.

So I crawled slowly up to it and whispered
In its tiny ears, that it was mine and I
Belonged to it. We were brothers and sisters
Dancing with awkward steps in my thoughts.

I found it in the unknown and now I have lost it
Once more. Yearning for the jingle of its steps
I look around with a flickering lamp of desires
To find my dancing thought partner again.


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