Wednesday, April 5, 2006

The red arrow

They had smiled and kissed while holding hands
Watching more of each other than the movie.
With their eyes drifting over each other
Anticipation got better of all emotions.

His ruffled hair and her slightly form were waiting
For what they thought would follow
Sooner or later. They would want it soon!
To rush or to stay was not a question.

The gun shots from the movie faded away
Into the noise of the blood rushing
In their heads. Her red dress reflecting
The passion contained in his dark eyes.

The little popcorn box had fallen sideways
As if it was not surprised by the neglect.
For there was something deeper running
In that space than a movie and popcorn.

He remembered when he had met her
At the subway one week ago. His slurred
Voice had caused her to stir.
Coffee followed and led on to dinner.

John felt that there was something that would last
At last. Nudged on by her hints
Undeterred by her emphasis on being just friends
He flowed on with the pecks on his lips.

His rough hands communicated a want
And hers reciprocated in a silent desire.
The white shine of Jenny’s ribbons
Beckoned him over more than once.

Just then that other man tapped her shoulder
Calling her by a name not known to John.
And she snapped and turned around with
Tears streaking her face like rivulets on fire.

Her blank eyes stared back at him,
Desires were now replaced with guilt.
Maybe there was something deeper in that space
Than his raging young emotions on display.

She got up and paused, then walked across
The row of seats to where that other man was.
Her wet eyes stared back at John when her lips
Were locked with that other man.

She walked out silently and the movie played on
With loud voices in his head and on the screen.
He got up looking at the warm empty seat and started
Walking to the red arrow sign which said “Exit”.


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