Thursday, April 13, 2006

There were places to go

I find little things in my head like a scar
Of the thoughts that you left behind.
Little pecks of love in the evenings
Made me feel like a little boy that summer.

Shapes of your fingers on my hands
Carved out a spot to rest in the afternoons.
When you slept in my car and I drove
Far away on the highway with nowhere to go.

The grey shades of the roads to lead us
To some place that we would call home.
You were ready to go to any place with me
As long as we were going together.

I can feel that empty seat in my car today
Where you used to sit and smile at me.
We always had some place to go
Hand in hand, humming our songs.

I remember the little things that changed
When I asked you to trust me once more.
One more year and I would be better off
To be able to take care of you forever.

But I did not have those fast cars
That your new friends drove around.
And I couldn't go to those places
Wearing rich clothes and no worries.

I would have done it for you once more
All I needed was a little time to come through.
But I did not have those shades of blue
In my eyes any more - That's what you said.

And we could not go to all those places
Just being what we thought we could be.
This time you had different place to go
Leaving behind the shadows in my head.

- Anubhav

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