Monday, May 29, 2006

Agonies of delight

Agonies of delight, fantasies of my flight,
Would you take me? Would you step aside?
Ravaging my thoughts, silent in the noise...
What flavours would you add to my pain tonight?

Rivers of my tears since I was only six,
Flowing down my face, down to your hands.
Your fingers taught me how to write long ago
Now they feel like piercing pricks of pain.

I was just seven year old that day in June
You could not care about my screams...
You would get me candy with love some days
Now I am all wasted at just thirteen...

There was a day at the river, that afternoon,
When you made me sit on your lap.
Now its so scary every time you ask me
I just feel a cold shiver down my spine.

Sometimes I wonder if there's life in me
In some dark corner that's yet not touched.
I try to find those ugly parts of me
That would remain virgin till I am loved.

I keep them safe like my treasures everyday
My pieces that you've not pillaged yet
That you don't find worthy of your touch
The only vernal parts of my wilted self.

There is a pain in my smiles when I see you
A hatred that I have known for years.
There are no flights of my fantasies
My agonies of delight, no wings to fly...

- Anubhav

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This thought hit me this morning... The feelings of a young girl who has been abused by her own father... I don't know why or how but I stepped in her shoes for a while... And I felt her pain...

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