Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Time flies by in paranoid whispers

Who found the blue eyed boy in you that early day in June?
Who told you to strum your guitar a little slower than before?
When you walked in with little steps and ran off to your room,
Smiles lined my face when your little hands knocked the door...

The undertones of silence wouldn't make for a song
If it were not for you and your grey eyed thoughts.
Through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole,
There were places that we went on Sunday afternoons.

Little fingers gently crossed in my coarse hands
Deep eyes looking at the world with so many questions.
Sometimes I reclaim my imagination and remember
How I had things to tell you and you would teach me life...

I had a little son once who is grown up into a man
The young man in me has grown old since then.
How the young rushing blood slows down to stillness?
And silent fading memories replace blurred euphoria.

When times fly by in paranoid whispers, nothing remains
Of you and me but faint memories to dream and smile.
Like an eagle in the sky, time's been watching over me
Dropping in a little tear drop every once in a while.


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