Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The walk back home

"How does it feel to have the rains wash down your wounds?"
"It has been a bright long day after so many dark long days."
"Is there any water left in your bottles?" "Any food remains?"
"Did you ever think we would live through these harsh ways?"

The soldiers blabbered on in their voices loud and clear,
It has been days since they had spoken with such a smile,
Victory enthuses and infuses such energies in dying men...
Wounded, hungry men, dragging on that extra mile...

"I would have dropped down my guns and died long long ago"
"It could have been much worse had I lost my other leg too"
"But here we are through battles - worn, torn and yet alive"
"My friend, victory and rains come together for a very few..."

They had won it for their smiles, for their homes and more,
To take back what is lost is a feeling that words can't explain.
The walk to the gardens in their homes won't be so long
As the walk through the battles. Even through the rain...

- Anubhav

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