Monday, June 26, 2006

Another ungranted indulgence

You can be just a beautiful dream,
If I let you realize into my reality
You might just melt in the spaces
Between my fingers. No traces
To be found when I look around.
You can be the sunrise or dusk
But if I try to fly like an albatross
To reach out to your hands.
You might just vanish beyond
My closed eyes like yesterday.
How can I touch yesterday? Tell me,
If I can hold a dream in my hands.
Or if my time like dry passing sands
Can be kissed on its lips in the dark?
How can I fiddle with images that
don't even exist? You tell me if
light travels faster than sound...
Why is it that I hear these voices
but I don't see a thing at all ?
Can I fall from the lowest spot
That I've known? I still feel that
I am falling through the gaps
In your fist. Clenched hands
And teary eyes do tell a story
To my dreams. How can I
flee from my past? How long
Will I last? Through the song...
Waves of emotions hit the
shores of reality. To hit through
Half closed eyes and make me
Realize that breaking free
Is an indulgence that lost
Lovers can no longer afford.

- Anubhav

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