Friday, June 9, 2006

The colour of your thoughts

What's been the red colour of the day for your mind? What's been the green? Strange questions to ask. Stranger even to answer. And yet they could spark off such thoughts that you could probably not imagine out of sheer sanity! How meticulous do we get at times? That we almost forget the beauty of being abstract. The flurried high of the blurred vision. Your wrists pulsating in tandem with your forehead. Your heart palpitating. Sprinkles of perspiration in the folds of your surface - Don't they make you feel giddy? The drugged slur of uncertainty echoing through the brain is something that precision cannot surpass in any quanta of perspective! There is magic in the unknown. In the undefined is the answers that hold the secret to all that we seek. To begin with red and green. To end at the absolute truth. The unraveling of the mysteries that one would behold. Subtle if it could be, loud as it always is - Reality is far more abstract than we would ever dream, want or expect it to be.

Ask yourself when you go to sleep. What has been the red colour of the day for your mind and what has been the green? Dreams would follow. Different dreams.

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