Monday, July 31, 2006

Mai tanhaa aaya tha

Kuchh gum hua saa lagta hai mujhko,
Jaise kuchh chhoot gaya ho peechhe...
Kya ho gaya hai... kya ho gaya mujhsei
Kya wo mera saaya tha...
Ya mai yu tanhaa hi aaya tha...

Dhoondhta hai kyon kashish fir sei...
Kar raha fir subah ki talaash mai...
Kuchh kho gaya hai... kho gaya mujhsei...
Jisnei mujhei apnaaya tha...
Sapno mei jiske mai rehkar aaya tha...

Ek pal peechhe beeta nahi aise...
Ki jab kal ko maine sochaa nahi...
Khafaa ho gaya hai... khafaa hai mujhsei...
Jo pal maine paaya tha...
Ek pal ko maine zindagi banaaya tha....

Haan wo mera saaya tha....
Kho gaya... mai toh tanhaa hi aaya tha...


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Smile from your heart

Smiling can be a lot of fun, if you just do it from your heart,
Sometimes when you are left behind even with a head start.
Leave yesterday a little step away, move in with me in here
Let's live today, while we tap our feet and laugh our share...

There is magic in the moment every time you smile and say,
"Hello dear life, hello to my smiles, good bye sad yesterday".
Sing yourself a song, smile once gain and just play the guitar,
Through the summers and the winters just be who you are.

Can you still do the dance steps that you did back at school?
Laugh like so carefree when you break every single rule.
Be the kid again, wear your blue shoes and let's run away,
Leave the world far-far behind on a smiling sunny day.

Skip the low looks that you have carried around for so long,
There is just one right - to be happy or everything is wrong,
Sometimes we are left behind but we can still make a start,
Smiling can be a lot of fun, if you just do it from your heart...


Friday, July 28, 2006

It begins at the end

Rushing into the roads, I could feel my blood,
As it rushed through all of my pulsating veins.
Adrenaline does get explosive when its mixed
With tears. And fear can get past all emotions,
In just a blink of red flowing eyes. Hush me
If I cry too loud for I am in a mad rush; Out to
Reach tomorrow today. Just yet I cannot give
In. Or give up. For I have to find a way out of
This moment. I need to be somewhere. I am
Needed. I have been seeded, with pain again.
But this is not who I started out to be. Not me.
Someone's waiting out there with red roses
And a bunch of caring thoughts for me. I am
At the wrong place. At the wrong time. I can
Not float away into the ephemeral skies. Not
Tonight. Not this time. Zipping past blood on
My face and hands. I can feel the need to go
Far away. To call it quits. To say I am done.
I remember where I begun. In a bright sun
Lit afternoon, so unlike this stormy night. I
Can fly, in my dreams. Or so it seems, to me.
Someplace within my dreams. Some lines
Within my hands. Call out to me. To be.
To stay for just another moment and then
To find the thought that I have held on to...
Every day that I have lived. That which I
have dreamed. I need to live it now. Here
It begins, where it was supposed to end.
You and I. And a beautiful dream, to fly...

- Anubhav K

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Another little step into the day and they shine like before,
Carry over the weights of yesterday or carry me no more,
Tapping sounds is how they speak - "Come after me"...
One telling the other, "Follow me", "Let's go", "Lead me".

One reflects the other, the shine never fades out for them,
Whether coupled with the trousers or a low lying satin hem.
The naughty boy wore shoes when I was just a little boy...
And years later, they carry me today from laughter to joy.

A little knock at the steps, they wouldn't mind the stairs too,
Once I put the brush to them, they would shine like ever new.
A day's work, a day's dirt, they never stick to yesterdays...
Never gone, ever there! Ever ready for the unknown ways!

The lace not slack, all tied to tips, to go and find more reasons,
They point ahead, don't look back and never mind the seasons.
A little rain or cold it be; They move on in the summer heat,
The shiny shoes, with surer steps, go on and on into the beat.

- Anubhav K

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Undo me while I can be undone...

I am being disguised as a cover up lie,
Like red bands and frills on the way...
You never really know if you can fly
Till you hold your breath and fly away...

Once more in a fleeting glimpse it goes
Past my Chevrolet, like an x-mas tree...
Hidden in memories in the silent lows.
What would I not give, to be just me?

You could find me unfolded in a corner
Unwrapped from within, swirling around.
Like I had my way and the right answer...
I could sing so loud and make no sound.

Write me another word of love tomorrow
Have been a cover up lie for so long...
Undo me while I can be undone from sorrow.
I really want this to be a happy song..

- Anubhav K

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Of feline mirth and carbonated drinks

Where can we begin to end our thoughts?
Where you and I are just a syllable away?
To catch a glimpse of life in feline mirth...
Is as rare as a smile that's meant to stay.

Reticent emotions speak a lot to quiet souls -
In dark dodgy corners of fears and desires.
Some of them break away from me at dusk
To come back as crystals of salty sapphires.

Miracles do happen over carbonated drinks
If only you would close your eyes to know
That often wide open eyes miss the bliss
That hangs around like mist near your brow.

Loud rumbling drums and ushered emotions
Sometimes just do not speak in the undertones
That a lonely sparrow has awaited to hear, to know -
That spaces do exist beyond erogenous zones.

-Anubhav K