Friday, July 28, 2006

It begins at the end

Rushing into the roads, I could feel my blood,
As it rushed through all of my pulsating veins.
Adrenaline does get explosive when its mixed
With tears. And fear can get past all emotions,
In just a blink of red flowing eyes. Hush me
If I cry too loud for I am in a mad rush; Out to
Reach tomorrow today. Just yet I cannot give
In. Or give up. For I have to find a way out of
This moment. I need to be somewhere. I am
Needed. I have been seeded, with pain again.
But this is not who I started out to be. Not me.
Someone's waiting out there with red roses
And a bunch of caring thoughts for me. I am
At the wrong place. At the wrong time. I can
Not float away into the ephemeral skies. Not
Tonight. Not this time. Zipping past blood on
My face and hands. I can feel the need to go
Far away. To call it quits. To say I am done.
I remember where I begun. In a bright sun
Lit afternoon, so unlike this stormy night. I
Can fly, in my dreams. Or so it seems, to me.
Someplace within my dreams. Some lines
Within my hands. Call out to me. To be.
To stay for just another moment and then
To find the thought that I have held on to...
Every day that I have lived. That which I
have dreamed. I need to live it now. Here
It begins, where it was supposed to end.
You and I. And a beautiful dream, to fly...

- Anubhav K

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