Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Of feline mirth and carbonated drinks

Where can we begin to end our thoughts?
Where you and I are just a syllable away?
To catch a glimpse of life in feline mirth...
Is as rare as a smile that's meant to stay.

Reticent emotions speak a lot to quiet souls -
In dark dodgy corners of fears and desires.
Some of them break away from me at dusk
To come back as crystals of salty sapphires.

Miracles do happen over carbonated drinks
If only you would close your eyes to know
That often wide open eyes miss the bliss
That hangs around like mist near your brow.

Loud rumbling drums and ushered emotions
Sometimes just do not speak in the undertones
That a lonely sparrow has awaited to hear, to know -
That spaces do exist beyond erogenous zones.

-Anubhav K

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