Sunday, July 23, 2006


Another little step into the day and they shine like before,
Carry over the weights of yesterday or carry me no more,
Tapping sounds is how they speak - "Come after me"...
One telling the other, "Follow me", "Let's go", "Lead me".

One reflects the other, the shine never fades out for them,
Whether coupled with the trousers or a low lying satin hem.
The naughty boy wore shoes when I was just a little boy...
And years later, they carry me today from laughter to joy.

A little knock at the steps, they wouldn't mind the stairs too,
Once I put the brush to them, they would shine like ever new.
A day's work, a day's dirt, they never stick to yesterdays...
Never gone, ever there! Ever ready for the unknown ways!

The lace not slack, all tied to tips, to go and find more reasons,
They point ahead, don't look back and never mind the seasons.
A little rain or cold it be; They move on in the summer heat,
The shiny shoes, with surer steps, go on and on into the beat.

- Anubhav K

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