Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Twisted lips can make a day so different,
They can make me leap ahead in time,
Make me speak from inside a photo frame,
My smiles often transcend my name, and -
Me. A flick of the eye across the vision
Charting a course through the day. I, you
Or we can often step a mile by a smile.
To stop or to move is often not a decree,
It is just a choice. Just like it is to cry.
To hold on to the glimpse of sad times,
Is no more a component of my fancy.
I choose to upturn the corners of my lips,
To let the twinkle transcend into my eyes,
I choose to sweep you off your feet,
Every time you look at me, amazed,
Its not the turquoise on my left hand...
Its just the smile that makes you blush.


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