Monday, September 25, 2006

The happy revolt

Tapping feet and twisting fates ,
Could meet up in strange places.
When the drifting breezes flow,
Over the shining yellow daffodils,
A smile catches the eyes of time,
And life rushes to catch a glimpse -
Of life being born again in a dream.
Remnants of sweet memories,
Looking out of old photo frames -
Recently cleaned with a cotton cloth
And love. A little jumping thought
On its little fleeted wings of joy,
Calls upon others of its kinds,
Colored in red and green silks.
For now they riot and revolt -
Smiles taking over all the tears.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Not just confounded

Can I light up the world with a thought?
Colored or grey shaded in fragile curves,
Meandering across the landscape of -
The mirage that envelopes my fingers,
When I move them over your reflection,
Stuttering over the dark flight of steps,
That run through imaginative whispers.
Or were they really spoken sometime?
When your subtle expressions belied,
The things that you said in loud tones.
I for once was not just confounded...
I was lost in the murmurs of sanity.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We, the crazy people

We - little blots of ink on paper,
Spreading our hues across
The pages of time and space,
Saying unsaid words again.
We - voices in your head,
Resonating from within you,
Bringing reason to rhyme,
We - the dots of the I's
Wonder put in brief stanzas,
Surprises in little boxes,
We - crazy people all alive.
Set to change the world,
Make it different if we can,
Better, at any given day.
Drooping hems of life,
Sullen with enthusiasm,
We - ready to explode today,
Walk in harmony with chaos,
To live beyond just life,
To laugh beyond giggles,
We are here to float away,
We - crazy ones as they say.


Friday, September 8, 2006


Touched again with not so subtle intentions,
With my shadows once again tread upon,
I walk with shaking steps into my tomorrow,
I would have shuddered but I am too stiff...
Subdued till my imagination, I still breathe,
Once again they weave fear into my skin.
With blades that were made to tear flesh -
They tear into my soul and I am consumed.
Nothing is left to assumption, nothing at all,
Every bit of my story comes bare to me,
In gruesome details of stained glass shards,
Torn satin dresses and a bleeding life-form...
They are reckless with not just my body,
I am expended. Barely alive, I am mitigated.

- Anubhav

Monday, September 4, 2006

The undying spirit

Rapids and waterfalls in my thoughts,
Splash against my will with great forces.
To shake me was never so easy...
And to make me crumble in a heap.
Small prints and annotations to hope -
Are no more privy to just the destitute,
They are for common men like us too.
And we wrap our naked helplessness -
In the mirages of hope draped across -
The heaving bosoms of undying spirits.


Things denied

What if I just say no? What if I just deny?
What if I learn to walk while you learn to fly?
In a dragon fly's wings I saw the failing truth,
Long ago when I could swim through dreams.
And my teeming spirits climbed the cliffs,
That you had set with your silent eyes alone.
In moon-lit darkness I could see your shades,
Your neat edges silhouetted against darkness,
Went blunt while my blood turned all grey.
I was denied not just my destiny and life...
Rather my right to dream was taken away.

- Anubhav