Friday, October 27, 2006

I wait

Sometimes when I don't feel my hands in the dark,
When I can't hear my whispers or my footsteps...
For I haven't spoken all these years nor moved...
I get scared of the thought of my own voices...
As they get louder in my head, the silence around
Gets deeper, as if it would be only embrace for me.
The darkness within engulfing any hope of light -
I am not taken by surprise for it comes slow...
With moments replete with reflections and thoughts...
Realizations, acceptance. I surrender to myself
I cannot see my feet any more, they lie there
Never daring to move. I cannot feel my hands...
I just wait for the moment when I won't feel myself.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The miracle of trickling drops

When the mind plays tricks
With the hushed notes
Of reality. When the past
Stares through the dark...
Where the silent noises
Offer no peace anymore.
I call up on a miracle...
That trickling drops
Bring forth. The magic
To fade into the night...
Like a shadow in the rain.


She danced

Stepping forth in silence,
With the music in her mind,
She lifted her skirt so slight,
To see how the anklets looked.
For they were given with love;
Maybe more but then what does
A callous mind in love know!
To swirl with a slow twirl,
To step back and slope against -
Just air!? Or is it a feeling
That carries her around tonight,
She's floating by space and time.
She could hear the drums already,
Oh she tapped her feet with them.
And the strings! A sweet flute...
So she glided across the floor,
Her hair falling behind her,
As if daring to catch up with -
The feelings fusing in the air.
The zyme of desires setting in,
So fast sometimes and so slow -
Like with the upturns of beats,
And the spaces between octaves,
Just when she could hear herself -
Breath. Smile. Blush. Laugh!
Tonight something was so right,
She felt like she's lived it,
She began years ago from zilch,
Tonight with infinity she dances...


Friday, October 13, 2006

Sunshine is just an illusion

Tapping sounds of bare feet,
Rustling against dry leaves -
Of the moments that once were.
Riddles woven in whispers,
Spoken up in reckless tones -
Silence cannot be more desired,
Than on a Sunday afternoon,
When memories play games -
Stranger than you've known.
Thoughts of gone by days,
Wrap around my fingers,
A slight shivering expression.
And my suntanned feet,
Look back at me, surprised,
For I rarely lay them still.
And here I was, reclining,
Both in the chair and in time,
Trying to recover lost hope,
Then as the sun went down,
And as the dusk approached,
A certain realization dawned -
Up on me, out of the breeze,
That sunshine is nothing but,
Just an illusion. An aftermath -
Of a nightful of passing dreams.


Sunday, October 8, 2006

No more fallen angels

The light won't go out on me,
I wish that everyday. It won't.
Flying fears have touched me,
Like a vampire's dark wings,
And still I stand right here,
Like an angel meant to fall,
But one that never will...
I have seen the black nights,
Now with you I have a day,
Sunny afternoons and rains,
I will not give up on that,
Let the storms come on to me,
Let the world rise against,
But the light that I carry -
In my heart shall light on,
I have a flower in my palms,
To hold dear and live with,
The candles of my heart -
And a thousand prayers go out,
To make life what it is,
There is nothing I can lose,
As long as you walk around
My dreams, my life and me...
An angel to fall will not -
Fall again for now its our
Day - To fly and to smile.


Thursday, October 5, 2006

I begin where dreams fade away

Shed some light on your dreams,
Tell me of your wildest fantasies!
You might find it hard to realize -
Those blurred images into reality.
But for me it is just a daily sprint,
From the fringes of my imagination
To the smiles of my dusk silhouette!
I am not a fading image of the past,
I am the rising truth of your future,
The song that you've always loved
To sing under the surreal tones
Of noisy consciousness or more.
Like the consummation of sudden
Hope. I live within your desires
I am not a fleeting glimpse of
Happy times. I am the vigor that
You have aspired every day.
I am not a lapse of your senses,
Nor am I a shrivelling assurance...
I am the temptation of possibility,
I begin where dreams fade away...