Thursday, October 5, 2006

I begin where dreams fade away

Shed some light on your dreams,
Tell me of your wildest fantasies!
You might find it hard to realize -
Those blurred images into reality.
But for me it is just a daily sprint,
From the fringes of my imagination
To the smiles of my dusk silhouette!
I am not a fading image of the past,
I am the rising truth of your future,
The song that you've always loved
To sing under the surreal tones
Of noisy consciousness or more.
Like the consummation of sudden
Hope. I live within your desires
I am not a fleeting glimpse of
Happy times. I am the vigor that
You have aspired every day.
I am not a lapse of your senses,
Nor am I a shrivelling assurance...
I am the temptation of possibility,
I begin where dreams fade away...


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