Sunday, October 8, 2006

No more fallen angels

The light won't go out on me,
I wish that everyday. It won't.
Flying fears have touched me,
Like a vampire's dark wings,
And still I stand right here,
Like an angel meant to fall,
But one that never will...
I have seen the black nights,
Now with you I have a day,
Sunny afternoons and rains,
I will not give up on that,
Let the storms come on to me,
Let the world rise against,
But the light that I carry -
In my heart shall light on,
I have a flower in my palms,
To hold dear and live with,
The candles of my heart -
And a thousand prayers go out,
To make life what it is,
There is nothing I can lose,
As long as you walk around
My dreams, my life and me...
An angel to fall will not -
Fall again for now its our
Day - To fly and to smile.


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