Tuesday, October 17, 2006

She danced

Stepping forth in silence,
With the music in her mind,
She lifted her skirt so slight,
To see how the anklets looked.
For they were given with love;
Maybe more but then what does
A callous mind in love know!
To swirl with a slow twirl,
To step back and slope against -
Just air!? Or is it a feeling
That carries her around tonight,
She's floating by space and time.
She could hear the drums already,
Oh she tapped her feet with them.
And the strings! A sweet flute...
So she glided across the floor,
Her hair falling behind her,
As if daring to catch up with -
The feelings fusing in the air.
The zyme of desires setting in,
So fast sometimes and so slow -
Like with the upturns of beats,
And the spaces between octaves,
Just when she could hear herself -
Breath. Smile. Blush. Laugh!
Tonight something was so right,
She felt like she's lived it,
She began years ago from zilch,
Tonight with infinity she dances...


1 comment:

  1. There is a lot of life in this poem. It inspires movement in me.