Sunday, November 12, 2006

The warrior within me

He strikes back hard every time I try to put him down,
The more I think I got him, the stronger he gets on...
Just a pawn, just a piece, just another roll of the dice,
A slip, a fall, a fantasy! Oh! But I can't beat him still.
There's a war inside my head, me and him - again,
And yet again he wins. To spin a story or a song -
To die before too long, or to live on till eternity,
Questions that he asks, questions that have answers
That he alone can tell. The warrior within me...
He hasn't slept a day... not since I've lived.
Sometimes I fail, sometimes I cry - and laugh.
Sometimes I just look back at him in awe.
And he stands tall, speaking but in whispers...
For me to know that I might lose the war,
I might wander off with Alice - once in a while,
And while I am off tumbling down the rabbit hole -
Finding my way home... The warrior carries on.


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