Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bleeding borders

Grip your guns, keep your eyes on the horizon,
Do not look at the sunset, the enemy's around.
Wipe the dust on the barrel, for its time now,
We are either going to live or die tonight!
Either ways these sands will be soaked in blood.
Stand aside or hold my arms, make your call,
If the bullet's got my name on it, I shall fall...
And when you get on that train, to go home again,
Take these letters for my girl, wipe the stains -
Before you hand them to her, take some flowers...
If you can - and tell her that I remembered her,
Even when the last day was on, even when I died.
And her smiles were with me, even when I cried.
That the dreams of the kids would have to wait!
Till next time around when my gun wouldn't miss.
And that in the end all I missed was her kiss.
Here they come in hundreds, like arrows in the sky,
Look at Simon in the trench, do not let him cry...
For we are men, men in arms, men who live to die!
Hand me another gun, stay with me, stay low!
And when they ask you to run, just do not go.
All our men are spreading thin, so few of us,
Will we last till dawn? will we last till dusk?
What is it? Why are you bleeding from your head?
Whatever it is, just stay and don't be dead!
Don't close your eyes, we can make it together,
Like we did that September, if you remember...
Don't fall so soon! Hold your gun! Don't let go!
Where are your letters, hand them over to me,
I shall take them across these bleeding borders,
I shall tell your girl that you remembered her...


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