Saturday, March 24, 2007

I could walk backwards in time

If I could find a reason to smile,
I would find a closet of laughter...
Beyond the yellow dreams,
There lies a world of butterflies,
And blue spooky monsters!
And we are stepping closer to life...
Far- far away from our dreams.
Little bottles of bubbling soda,
Left around in the corners...
And trousers stretching at the seams,
The days when I was growing stronger –
With every passing day and year.
Those were days when I could jump –
Across every last drop of tear...
And now I grow weak with my white -
Grey hair streaking across my face.
Telling me the story of bygone days...
I can sell all my shiny watches...
Can give up on the red car in the porch
Anything to light up the torch –
To feel that I can smile once again,
But then as I have known all along,
The cost of a lifetime of tears...
Is not enough to buy a moment of smiles!
The closet of laughter is just a fairytale
That I once lived inside of...
Memories – shape them as you please,
But you can’t walk backwards in time –
Not anymore... the time socks are gone!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Finding reasons to give in to the moment,
Flush with desires, holding back or not -
Is sometimes not a choice but just a prelude.
The aftermath of a look, a frisk or a kiss!
A silent afternoon screaming to touch,
To feel the moments' ecstasy curve -
Under the pleadings of your hands!
And you know when and how it begins...
An upsurge of kinds marked with blushes,
Fires kindled within minds, with sweat -
Outlining the silhouettes of trembling lips.
Parted and yet held close with wants -
Getting the better of the rights and wrongs.
Moments furthering the melting of skins,
Bonding curves, to curves held close!
As if temptation were to offer adhesion -
Beyond compare! A breath whispers -
A sigh listens and reacts once more!
With reasons to believe for more to come -
Rather soon - For the blazing heat -
Shudders with some sense of urgency,
An effervescent mix of lust and fear...
Bubbling out from the crevices
That the two shadows contain!
The smell, the flow of silk and hair,
The clenched fists & closed eyes,
There's more than words can say -
That can be said by ruffling sheets!
They soar and drown - to live,
As if there is but this moment.
And as the wave breaks on the rocks,
Their sounds break through silence,
Marking the ebbing mood, silence -
Once more takes over time and space -
Caught between entwined fingers,
And fused shadows - there is -
A moment that they call 'forever'.


Across the wall - Archive

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Across the wall

"Across the wall" is now lost in the past. That was where I wrote things when I was indeed across the wall. Now I guess I am very much on the same side as the rest of the world...

So here's the new place that I found to scribble and that's what I will do...