Saturday, March 24, 2007

I could walk backwards in time

If I could find a reason to smile,
I would find a closet of laughter...
Beyond the yellow dreams,
There lies a world of butterflies,
And blue spooky monsters!
And we are stepping closer to life...
Far- far away from our dreams.
Little bottles of bubbling soda,
Left around in the corners...
And trousers stretching at the seams,
The days when I was growing stronger –
With every passing day and year.
Those were days when I could jump –
Across every last drop of tear...
And now I grow weak with my white -
Grey hair streaking across my face.
Telling me the story of bygone days...
I can sell all my shiny watches...
Can give up on the red car in the porch
Anything to light up the torch –
To feel that I can smile once again,
But then as I have known all along,
The cost of a lifetime of tears...
Is not enough to buy a moment of smiles!
The closet of laughter is just a fairytale
That I once lived inside of...
Memories – shape them as you please,
But you can’t walk backwards in time –
Not anymore... the time socks are gone!


P.S. - This has been published at MSN India -

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