Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Miracle of hope

I wish I could die,
Like a blot of ink,
Drying out on paper,
Paper - lifeless wood!
Or just fade away,
Like the sounds of a passing train!
I wish I could step across,
To the other side!
Or that I could disappear,
Like a smile amidst fear!
But I just can’t seem to; Because -
I would keep flying high,
Even if you cut my wings!
I would soar to the skies,
Even if you tie me down!
I wouldn’t fall down,
Even if you move the ground!
Let go of me in the deep -
But I am not going to drown...
That’s how I am - have been,
To see all that I have seen,
And still be standing...
Living and wishing to die!
It’s a miracle - Miracle of hope...

-Anubhav K