Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shaded Corridors

When I touch the cemented corridors,
I feel the dust of time crumble beneath
The tips of my fingers - As I step aside
To breath the next wisp of scarce air,
I realize how time has trotted by,
Stranded me on an empty isle of hope...
Somewhere between sincere cognition
And grey fading memories, I lie -
Looking upward at the winter sky,
Snow crystals and stars falling at me,
Whispering little words that I don't
Really understand or perhaps that I
Don't want to. Not anymore since long.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Lemon butterfly

Green butterflies and orange dreams,
Walk by my window sill when morning -
Steps out into the lilac shaded
Garden with purple tulips dancing.
The chirps of the crimson billed
Birds whose little corundum claws
Scratch the back of the cinnamon
Tree that still stands there...
That has stood by for many years,
A witness to all the several days,
When the saffron caterpillars
Crawled ever so slow along its edges,
To find the multitude of reality
That they realized existed...
Beyond their screened grey vision.
Winged angels, travellers of far,
To leap, to dream, to float, to fly!
And while I idle away on the bed,
Letting in the morning's many hues
I almost sit up and consummate
The myriad tiny thoughts in my head,
My fingers stroll the wooden bars
And they almost leap with hysteria...
The cognition of happy truth sinks
To make me wonder, smile and think
I too can leap, dream, float, fly...
Let go of the forbidding shell,
And fly away like a lemon butterfly.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Reorganized the archive from "Across the wall"

The archive was previously a pasted bulk from "Across the wall" (my older blog). Several people had requested me to organize it date-wise or atleast put the separate poems separately to make it easy to locate and read the poems/articles...

So I finally took the pains of organizing over a 100 poems/articles and I hope that you will find this blog to be much better readable now.

Thanks as always for reading and encouraging me...

The City

Have you walked the streets of late,
Have you seen the jungle we live in.
The grey stone walls are still warm,
And wet with tears in the morning -
When I walk past them on my way.
Marks of someone's hungry feet,
Etched in the dirt on the roads...
There's a story that was told once -
Its told again by the puddles
Near the by-lanes as I run and run,
I can imagine the mud splashed skirt
That tried to shy away last night,
When the cars went zooming by! I run
To find a corner of sanity! I fall
Into the many traps of this city...
Where children are hand-held and led,
Straight into the face of horror.
Where little hands learn to feel -
The texture of rough walls and dross.
While they bite into their souls
And that pain never goes away...
I run from the shadows that -
Are spread across the thoroughfares,
Where stains of blood and torn pieces -
Of cloth almost make you feel,
The torn skin that was dragged
Around the place and left in a heap
Of self-mutilating grief or regret.
I shiver every morning when I walk,
Around the streets where I now know
That the stone walls are still warm...
This city slowly grows on to me,
As it would on you, when you stroll,
Into the embrace of the neon lights.
And as you sink into its noises,
Life tries to wrap you in its arms ,
With a silent kiss of death...


Friday, July 6, 2007


Rippling through my conscious half,
I find a shivering realization exists -
Where I left a timid empty hope.
Desires sprout from a weary heart
When the sun dances with hurried steps
Playing games with the cuckoo's nest.
For it only has as many moments,
As would be spared for happy games.
A brief respite; A pretence; Solace!
Smiles fighting at the last frontier,
We - moving at a tepid fading pace...
Not dead yet; Not so lost as we were!
Steps though not in line, fall firm,
A certain grit outlining my form,
Subtle but certain changes surround -
Reality as it is reborn in my eyes.
I - flukan to be shaped; I - reformed,
Arcane; Adept; Insipid; Resurrected!
Fleeting, blithe, inebriated joy...
I still question hope's fidelity -
Though I do so now in hushed tones,
For it does deserve a second chance,
Perhaps I can now confide in hope.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another thursday muse

Thursdays are kind of weird. They are not really in the middle of the week, but they always feel so. They always have that threshold spike to them, just blocking the weekend from embracing you...

Well... Will add to this later...

So well... As I said thursdays... Hmm... I don't know why I said that in the first place, but since I did, I might as well continue the rant. Today being a Thursday is certainly going to fuel the ballistic core of my brain's internally combusted benign matter! I say combusted for the sheer sake of honesty. For where once the grey matter ruled, there now lies a wasted land! Ruins & fossils of a once great dynasty and trust me the damage has been majorly done by the T-days. Don't confuse them with the much gentler Tuesdays... these are the ruthless Thursdays that partake in this mass homicide.

Well bah - T-day needs me to go - will continue soon