Friday, September 14, 2007

To err is divine

Stepping onto the toes of the underfed frames that look remotely like human beings, is not a privilege that most of us can talk about over coffee. It’s only when fingers laden with heavy cut stones knock on granite table-tops that you can hear such echoes. When whispers are muffled and silhouetted by the smell of rare Scottish blends, it’s only then that we realize that to err is no longer a human trait…

There is a certain arrogance in the construction tycoon’s voice when he talks of the homeless, weak and poor people that were thrown out of their single-plastic-sheet abodes. A certain sense of mockery outlines the tone of the celebrity who shot a poor waiter and got away with it. The list would go on and that is the epitome of the irony! These are not one off cases; they have been the norm of late.

In fact I remember when I was a kid, I was told this very often – “Let it be, everyone does mistakes. It happens!” Well now I realize the subtle meanings of that statement. Everyone obviously does mistakes but most get apprehended for it. It’s only the select few, the ones with deep silk lined pockets and shiny wrist gear that manage to justify the “It happens!” part.

The laborer who laid the brick just before the bridge caved in loses his job and his means to earn bread for his family. The contractor goes home and sulks over a drink, calculating the cut that it would make into his outstanding profit. Yes – he would obviously make a profit still, albeit not as much!

The higher up you climb the ladder the more you realize how punishment is actually like cold air – it always travels downwards and settles near the bottom! The gentle breeze at the top is usually oblivious to the heart wrenching story being told below.

All this makes me remember and visualize the towering images that most mythologies associate with gods. About their mythical powers and how small actions by these divine beings could shake and shatter the world of the meeker humans. And hard as I may try, I am unable to compare it with contemporary reality. The rich and the powerful indulge in their apparently regular ways. Subtle but sultry to those who bear their wrath (or ignorance)…

The arrogance and mockery that comes along the errors is something that they can afford. And for us, the ones down the hierarchy, the common humans – there is the way of forgiving and forgetting. The way to move on and look forward to the next day, hoping that it would be better…

To err in this era is essentially divine, to forgive is the human trait.


  1. Very cynical!!! Something really put you off about the higher management!! True enough, but toooo simply thought out. :)). was it a reaction to something, i wonder!!

  2. was just passing by... nice blog!