Monday, October 29, 2007

A country in chaos

When I look around, something doesn't feel right। Something feels amiss. As if there is an upside-down card in the deck. Maybe several of them. I feel a deep hollow resonating within the solidarity that I see exhibited and advertised all over the place. I somehow see complacence peeking out of our image of national integrity and secular perfection. I notice cracks in the foundations that we are laying beneath us. I am bedazzled by the hues of grey that shadow our bright multi-coloured cosmopolitan success stories.

I have been waking up in the morning for the past one week to notice the National Stock Exchange index teasing the 6000 mark। I have been observing the well camouflaged stories of hungry children dying. Newspapers buried under my bed somehow find their way into the mess on my table. There are stories of strengthening the national defense by investing in the bleeding edge of weapon technology. Then there are stories of people stoned to death, of children beheaded and villages pillaged. I remember an old anecdote that I heard as a kid - "An ill soldier in strong armour is not a fit soldier".

A system that is insecure and infested from within will ultimately collapse with or without a strong external defense. A hungry man must be fed and not covered with sheets of steel for steel cannot protect him from hunger. A society that kills people by the thousands on the basis of religion when we talk of free trade and economic revolutions does not sound right! There is something fundamentally wrong which needs to be corrected before we stack layer after layers of bricks on a foundation that is too damaged.

Steel is tempered slowly. Strong and long lasting structures take time, balance, symmetry and a lot of internal strength to be built. A fast settling storm of sand does form sand-dunes but it does not form mountains. We as a people must be aware and alert ourselves against mistaking our sand-dunes for our mountains…

There is a lot happening in the world around us. We are a huge number of people and stacked together we do make a huge difference but that is nothing to rejoice in unless we realize that we must all be stacked in the same polarity and direction to make the best of what we have. We must realize that only when our hungry are fed, only when our weak are strengthened and only when all of us support each other would we be realizing our true potential.

What we have today is perhaps like a huge pile of bricks strewn around randomly. We must now try to make a wall, a tower, a structure out of it to reach the heights that we are capable of. Or else we shall all just lie haywire basking in the glory of our immenseness without realizing that we could be so much more.

When we think of our religion with the zeal of a fanatic, we feel that we are strengthening something deep. What we fail to realize is that there is something deeper that needs to be strengthened first. If ten men act as ten armies and fight among themselves then at the end the strongest army that we can expect to have would be just one man strong. We must realize our folly in not moving towards having an army of ten men when we have ten men to start with.

The chaos that lies around us and glares at us from every nook of our lives is fundamentally rooted within our own selves. We talk of complex economical models and the ultimate edges of technology but we fail to look at the simple things that would eventually make a huge difference. We look at the barrel of the cannon but we forget the screws without which we would just have a barrel and not the cannon.

We must learn to look at the smaller things as a nation. We must realize the importance of having the last hungry man fed and the importance of having every last person walking in the same direction if we have to end up with more than one man. In our entropy we might be at a peak today but eventually an agitated system would collapse in disorder.

There is a need for urgency in our actions - a need to correct our course and to stop building on top of the wrong bricks. There is need to find structure in this chaos, to retain our fundamental matter and not lose it all out in a supernova energy.

It would require all of us. Every single of us to push and heave to drive this nation out of the state of chaos and into a state of true prosperity which is not frail, disturbed or hollow.



  1. planning to stand for coming elections ?

    don see ne good candidates around for PM, after Manmohan is done :D

  2. Loved the steel & the sand dunes analogy..bull's eye it is!!

    Was trying to figure the man under the writer skin : economist, aesthete or a socialist..literally delightful concoction of views !!