Thursday, November 2, 2006

Free falls ain't free

Free falls aren't free anymore,
Or lest so it is argued often...
I missed a step so long ago -
In time, in space, in memories,
And yet I didn't end up there,
In the dark labyrinths of hope,
Where childhood stories told -
Of giant monsters and gargoyles.
Answers I have none and questions -
So many! I lost count long ago,
But there is something that...
I wonder, perhaps we hang on -
To a cobweb spun out of love,
Of courage and of timeless dreams.
It would be long before I fall,
Even if I miss some steps again,
Surprises I guess would go on -
To be pleasant, like a breeze,
Or a drizzle for us to dance...
There is but just a reason so,
That to smile and bring smiles,
Or if you really want to fall,
The ticket's after a long queue!


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