Friday, December 21, 2007


An epiphany before I commence,
A straitened discourse, unsaid.
The plight of sudden urge,
Beyond when I've been dead...
Is still a shivering hand,
With a withered flower held,
In 'tween the narrow glimpse,
Of a smile and silent steps.
"Encore", my mind whispers,
"Encore" you do not hear!
And your fading pace echoes,
Within the sullen space,
Beneath my darkening eyes,
Where I rest my hope...
A fluttering hem - disdain!
A breeze adrift some pain!
As you rush away to quit
The tiny ephemeral moment.
That I hold within my fist,
With grit and silly nerve,
Some hope perhaps still lives,
Till just before the epiphany...


Monday, December 17, 2007

Mistletoe imaginations

I don't know what I seem to be,
Just know what I mean to be!
Finding a spot in tomorrow,
Leaving the joys and the sorrow
Of today in my yesterday...

While you scrape away my smile,
In a journey of many a mile,
With your cellophane flowers,
And everlasting empty hours,
Then you step aside mid-way...

Through the cracks in the wall,
I see my reality crawl,
Into the broad day-light,
Something has to be right,
Before I turn a shade of gray...

Mistletoe imaginations fear,
Something rather dark is near,
Fallen angels ask for respite,
One more chance for a flight.
While I go where they stay...