Sunday, February 10, 2008

Calm distress (from my book)

Quiet paths; somber tones; long forgotten dreams of you,
Silent voids; unfelt songs; Thoughts melting into the blue,
Ever said? Never heard! Lost into my craving dreams...
Loneliness; A dark retreat; Blend into some callous themes.
Fervor numbed! Love undone! Days lost in endless nights;
Buried spirits; fallen men; Violent and blood thirsty fights;
A dearth of smiles; Emotions scarce; the final end of nothingness,
Lost and found; Alive again; the dream of more, the life of less...
Rimless cauldrons of boiling hate rising into our lives,
The young man loved; Lost; The old man - now he strives...
Cold calidity of passions long lost into his graves,
Calm distress - All he needs; Squanders all he saves...



  1. You have a lyrical quality in this piece that sings to me. Very well done.

  2. I like the way you string these lines together with the rhymes.

  3. I love the way this poem flows, it sounds very nice in my mind as I read it. I do find all the punctuation very distracting, but that seems to be part of your style, yes?