Sunday, February 10, 2008

The chocolate cake (from my book)

Rushed over at from around the corner; With a glimpse of a lifetime...
A cup of coffee; Sunglasses; A subtle smile - so sublime,
Walking across the road; In red and white - I saw life passing me by,
Dazed!! I was dumbfounded, with no earth below my sky!!
Like a swift breeze of winter, with the fragrance of wild roses,
Like a dream within a dream, that life to me discloses...
I walked as if transfixed, hypnotized by silent beauty,
Its unbelievable; True; Until you see what I did see!
She turned around the corner - I ran with all my speed,
Emotions my brain transcend; New strength; Yes! Indeed...
And another satiating glimpse with room for more to crave!
I spent more emotions than I could ever save!!!
She stepped into the baker's shop, I followed her in tow,
I was just like Mary's lamb, to go where she would go!!
I saw her and the chocolate cake and the ring on her right hand,
I stood there - silent; Speechless; I stood where I still stand...


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  1. This was always my favorite...good to read it bak after so many days