Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clouded vision (from my book)

There is silent way in which you move into my eyes,
I do not know if its you or if it is my heart that lies,
You move into my vision and you cloud up my thoughts,
I feel the world all silent even among the gun shots,
I feel so vulnerable when you move up in front of me,
I do not know whether to believe the love I see,
It is different, it is so silent and yet it is a storm,
Like a night full of darkness and a shadow taking form,
Unknown to the mind, the heart and eyes are lost,
Like a lonely warrior who is fighting in the frost,
I don't know if the blow upon my heart will make me dead,
I only know that through eyes, its me, the one who bled,
Silent darkness and you with the shadows all around,
I stand here entrapped, my heart and eyes all bound,
With you in my vision I do not know what else to see,
For with I do exist and without you I shall not be...


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  1. Dear Anubhav,

    Simply superb !You are really poetic. Pl accept my congratulations in advance. You are going to hit the headlines soon in international press.

    I request u to pl view my stories also and comment to I am also writing a novel in English which is my life time ambition. I hope you will read my stories and comment. Once again congratulations !