Sunday, February 10, 2008

Darkness (from my book)

End of days; No last respite; Fragments of nothingness;
What life conjures? Strange forms in shadows to recess,
Holding on to the hands of darkness I walk into the light,
But the shadows move all over and the wrong becomes the right,
With frightened eyes, I look around to find my long lost grace,
It burns on top the altar, and shines in shades of grays,
The warriors run with armors, and swords are thrown across,
And whispers ask to whispers, who’s gain and who’s this loss,
Amidst the flames of darkness, I see the shadows roam,
I hide within my thoughts and I run to find my home,
I crash with every step I take, I move back to where I was,
And someone tells me not to move till all the darkness thaws,
I see a huge gray armored horse, with knights of shadows trot,
I see more death and destruction, when I feel I've seen a lot,
They move around and I sit and wait for the long forgotten dawn,
And then I feel some blood on me, I die and I am born...

- Anubhav

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