Sunday, February 10, 2008

I slipped and fell (from my book)

I looked into the deep of her eyes set ablaze -
With emotions and love; Silent and yet so loud...
I felt the ethereal pull of her glimpse,
Like being pushed on by feather touches,
I could not hold back, I rushed on ahead,
I shot like a bullet, I slipped and fell...
On the blue and slippery tiles of love,
Landed on my face; Shocked; Surprised; Victorious!
I looked up, with a sheepish smile...
My eyes reflecting a humble tone of need,
Her hands reciprocating the grant of the same...
I stood up; Stood by her; Walked on with her,
Slept on the beaches, woke up on the mountains,
Perspired in the snow, drenched in the rains!
I still remember when I shot like a bullet,
I still love the moment when I slipped and fell...


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