Sunday, February 10, 2008

In the light of darkness (from my book)

In the light of darkness I walk across the streets,
Muffled sounds of silence as loud as bass drum beats,
Steps behind my steps, when I walk away from me,
Fingers pointing sky-wards ask what the world would be...
Summer winds brushing through my hair, speaking in my ear,
Clouds moving in the skies; sky is never getting clear,
Dust rising from the ground, look what have I just found,
With every backward step, I find nothingness around...
Making bonds with yesterday when today is flying by,
I have found no reasons yet; so do not ask me why?
I cannot see what comes, I see what has just gone,
I move back one more step to feel all the more withdrawn...
What's your final word to me? What's my unknown destiny?
Tell me what is it I did, to end up where I end to be?
Should I step one more step back? Should I find you once again?
Would you hold my hand once more? Would you dance with me again?


1 comment:

  1. So true like my life.. ihave just started reading your blog from the morning in the offie while the clouds in my life never seem to whither..........
    love your writing....