Sunday, February 10, 2008

Murder on the deck (from my book)

"What questions?” asked the sailor, "Ho!"
"What questions?" asked the captain too,
"No man has stood up on that deck and questioned,
But a mighty few",
"You have a gun!” the captain checked,
"A fine steel blade", the sailor said,
The first mate ran all drenched in blood -
- With shades of cold and bloody red,
"What matter?" crooned the sailor then;
Wide eyed, the captain stood in shock,
"What matter lad?" the captain asked, all pale;
For he was an ad-hoc,
The captain that had sailed with them,
That captain was no more, to say,
For in the stores, below the deck,
That captain's cold blue body lay,
The man; squint eyed, stood there and saw,
The bloody lad go white and fall,
"I shot the captain twice today",
He said aloud and slammed the wall,
The captain that was now to be,
He trembled more than e'r before,
The sailor jumped and stared at him,
And all but crumbled on the floor,
"Aye, it’s me. I killed the man",
He said again in clear loud tones,
The men, they stood all petrified,
A shiver reaching down their bones,
"Murder!" squealed the sailor loud,
"Murder!" gasped the captain too,
The captain shot him in the head,
The sailor shot him with the crew,
The man, he fell down on his knees –
- And looked around the noisy crew,
He lived and questioned on that deck,
he was one of the mighty few...


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