Sunday, February 10, 2008

Renegade of hope (from my book)

Relegation of dreams; High hopes to fear of death!
Summers full of darkness; Winters with cold breath;
Errors; misdemeanors; repercussions; I depreciate!
Smiles - Forgotten; Lost; To pain I now relate...
I am a prisoner of thoughts; An error-prone device!
Supple; Tender; Damaged; From dusk to sunrise...
Redressal for delights; Pathos in silk attire...
No regard for my blessings; The curses - I do admire!
I am the end of dreams; The final, dreaded thought,
The wound; Disease and darkness; Left undone to rot...
I smell the void; I live the void; In void I do exist;
I put on wars with laughter; Grief - I don't resist.
I walk; I stop; I dream, forget; With pain I do elope!
I am lost in my own darkness like a renegade of hope...


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