Sunday, February 10, 2008

The road (from my book)

A never-ending course of life - Of travels, miles and days...
Blue skies above my head - my way - a shade of grays...
Bends, curves, diversions - The choices that I have made,
The road is where I lived - The road is where I played...
Underneath my feet, before my sight, it goes before I go,
It paces when I show haste - slows down when I go slow...
It knows where I commence and shows where I conclude,
The road is my character, the road is my prelude !!
Gray shades with reflections of our shadows in the sun,
Footsteps tapping on the earth; Life is on the run...
It begins before where we start, and ends beyond our end,
The road I traveled yesterday - The road I now transcend.


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