Sunday, February 10, 2008

Silent and surprised (from my book)

Feelings that once flowed like water, like a dream in my eyes,
Like strokes of paint on canvas, unbounded and free...
Merging blood from my veins and emotions from my mind,
Glimpses of sunrise, and, of dusk - blending in my thoughts...
My hands moving on the wall, feeling the rough notes,
Left behind by time and by the crayons of the kids...
I feel a stir in my head, something so strong and pure,
Like silence mixed with the tones of a flute...
Creeping from all around and surrounding me in a dark light,
Flooding my inner thoughts with crooning voices of the past,
Astonished by my own desires to find peace in the void...
I look at the skies once more, silent and surprised.


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